Past Events

Visionary Graphic Design – The Los Angeles Influence


John Clark – “Touch Everything: The Explosion of Graphic Design”

Stan Evenson – “Saul Bass: The Man, The Mark, The Legacy”

Petrula Vrontikis – “The Future Is Where We Started”

Maurice Kaehler, the Producer, Founder, and Creator of SyntropyLA, brought together an afternoon of rich insights, passion and wit with the theme of “Visionary Graphic Design – The Los Angeles Influence. It was great fun to share the history and sage wisdom about my design hero, the legendary Saul Bass, and what a huge impact he had on design and film in the twentieth century… and still does to this day. Thanks to Maurice and the SyntropyLA team that created an event where the audience’s consciousness was raised to new heights and left them moved and inspired about design and how it impacts everyday lives.

Stan Evenson
CEO/Creative Director
Evenson Design Group

The entire “Visionary Graphic Design” event was a great experience — from the presenters to the people who attended. It was an engrossing combination of the planned and the improvised (executed in a very manageable amount of time)… all delving into and illuminating the core theme that was germinated from Maurice’s almost prenatal engagement with public signage! What gave the experience its richness was that each presenter offered a very different, but integrated, facet to the subject… from the legacy transmedia inspiration of Saul Bass as expressed by Stan Evenson, to the immediate and now of John Clark’s ingrained habit of experimentation, to Petrula Vrontikis’s forward-in-high-gear vision of the near future. All in all, fun, well-paced, and inspirational. I am definitely looking forward to the next iteration of Maurice’s curiosity.

Matthew Reichman
Director / Creative Director
Matthew Reichman Creative

Syntropy LA Visionary Graphic Design salon was inspiring and eye-opening. Three grounded visionaries talked about the power of design and imagination to enhance and enlarge our world view. This is not Madmen on steroids – this is an awakening of the creative force within all of us, and a call to us to bring our ideas fearlessly and quickly into the future. With some wine, food and fun.

Laura Avery
Santa Monica Farmers Market