Maurice Kaehler


SyntropyLA is the brainchild of yogi, producer and Epic62 Surfwear founder Maurice Kaehler.

Inspiring others is in his DNA.

“My senior year in high school I was student body spirit commissioner.  I was awesome at it and in one way or the other I’ve been doing that ever since.”

I like to gather people together in a salon-like, soul-filling, brain-sparking environment to experience the potpourri of ideas and subjects that I am passionate about.  I love creating possible worlds.  My work is to pull others through portals so these worlds can happen.  My manifesto is “There is enough to go around for everyone.”  I feel that a disciplined hedonism can enhance the world.  In Los Angeles we are in a ground zero environment for creativity and insight. Through these creators and visionaries, I want to gather this creative mojo for an event, immerse you in it and then let the doors open for you to leave ideologically free, fulfilled and inspired.  Once done the world immediately becomes a better place.

Sound Good?